Rep. Gordon Hintz Legislative Survey
Your opinions are important to me. Please take a few moments to complete this survey so that I can better represent state issues that are important to you.
Is Wisconsin generally headed in the right direction?
Do you approve of Governor Evers’ performance as Governor?
A current legal loophole (known as “The Dark Store Loophole”) allows giant big box stores to pay lower than assessed value on their property taxes, shifting the tax burden to homeowners and small businesses. Do you support closing this loophole and assessing the property at the full market value?
Should Wisconsin adopt a non-partisan redistricting process for the drawing of new legislative maps in 2020?
What should Wisconsin's minimum wage be set at?
Should Wisconsin accept the Medicaid Expansion that would save state taxpayers over $300 million dollars?
How should Wisconsin address the opioid epidemic?
What forms of marijuana legalization should we prioritize? Please check all that apply.
Which of the following legislative priorities are important to you? Check all that apply.
How would you rate the performance of these elected officials? Please use a scale of 1-5, with 1=Disapprove, 3=Undetermined, 5=Approve
U.S. President Donald Trump
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson
U.S. Congressman Glen Grothman
Governor Tony Evers
State Senator Dan Feyen
State Representative Gordon Hintz
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