2017 Treasure Valley Church of Christ Full Time & Summer Internship
The Treasure Valley Church is looking for campus students who will work with our campus ministry for the summer of 2017 and or longer. We are seeking men and women who can serve the church while participating in a great growth opportunity. We will host the interns for 8 weeks.
The Treasure Valley Church is currently in the relaunching phase and has no campus disciples but have people studying the bible. We have many opportunities for spiritual growth and ministry experience for any students seeking a great, hands on experience with the ministry. Our campus interns will attend family group meetings with church leadership and will be given training in deeper Bible study, leadership, and evangelism. We will also provide ample opportunities to lead studies, Bible talks, and devotionals.

Responsibilities of the interns are as follows:
They will be required to attend family group leader’s meetings/activities, lead Bible studies, disciple students in our campus ministry, working with staff and other disciples to evangelize our campus, and building deeper unity in the campus ministry. Our goal is for the entire church to benefit from your internship. You may be expected to serve the church in areas including: speaking in church services, helping another ministry, or assisting in other needs in the church. We have much to do in building a strong church here and we want you to be a part of it!
1female intern will be paid $1,000 (this is open for singles or recently graduated campus students who would wish to work longer than the 8 weeks) and provided a gas stipend to offset ministry related mileage expenses. We will also accept up to 6 self-funded interns for the summer. Housing will be also be provided for all interns.
Recommendations may be sent after the application but must be received before the application deadline.
All students interested in applying please contact Frank Williams at fwbsu@outlook.com . For any further questions please contact him at 208-869-6089

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