An open course on presence and awareness. From January 22, 2022.
An online course with Igor Berkhin.

Presence and awareness are tools and qualities equally important for achieving both spiritual or worldly goals. We have numerous distractions outside, they intercept our attention and make us deem as important those things which are not really worthy. We have infinite distracting impulses coming from inside and conditioning the way we act and react. Our mind creates infinite confusions making us see real as unreal and unreal as real. Presence and awareness help us to recognize such limitations and to pursue our goals fulfilling our real nature instead of chasing fleeting illusions and fantasies.

The course is intended for all people who feel interested regardless of their involvement in spiritual traditions. It can be also useful for those who teach public contemplative courses such as mindfulness etc. or are interested to start teaching secular meditation.

«This course is based on teachings and advice by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu given on different occasions both publicly and privately. I’ve been implementing these advice teaching for the Dzogchen Community since 2002 and teaching public courses since 2010. Since 2016, me and Elio Guarisco have been closely collaborating, preparing a course on mindfulness and meditation that could be a gift from the Dzogchen Community to the general public whether spiritual or secular, to those who are not connected to the transmission of Dzogchen. Such course, being presented not in the spiritual or the Buddhist context but in the context of contemporary general interest towards so-called ‘mindfulness’ could provide deep and rare wisdom of our Teacher and create a bridge for people to connect to the teaching of Dzogchen. Unfortunately, the death of both Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and Elio Guarisco created a big obstacle for realizing such a goal. But we still need to move on.»
Igor Berkhin, January 3, 2022

The recordings will be available.

The duration of sessions is 2 hours. 5 sessions.
January 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19 (Saturdays)

Los Angeles, USA 07:00 PST
San José del Cabo, Mexico 08:00 MST
New York, USA 10:00 EST
Buenos Aires, Argentina 12:00 ART
Greenwich Mean Time, GMT 15:00 GMT
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain 15:00 WET
Paris, France 16:00 CET
Jerusalem, Israel 17:00 IST
Moscow, Russia 18:00 MSK
Singapore, Singapore 23:00 SGT
Tokyo, Japan 00:00 JST
Brisbane, Australia 01:00 AEST
Melbourne, Australia 02:00 AEDT
Wellington, New Zealand 04:00 NZDT

Participation is by donation. You can donate to any entity of the International Dzogchen Community including Ka-Ter project or any branch of Shang-Shung Institute. You can donate before or after the retreat, no confirmation required. Please do not forget to support your local ling of the Dzogchen Community. You can also donate to the teacher.

Donation links
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Please do not forget to support your local ling of the Dzogchen Community.

Personal donation
If you want to make a personal donation to the teacher you can do it via Paypal ( - please use this address, not the address from mails).
Bank wire: Igor Berkhin SWIFT: LUMIILITTLV IBAN: IL37 0107 1900 0000 5404 645
Bank LEUMI, Israel, Branch 719 (Sabiniya) Account 719-5404645
איגור ברכין
VISA card money transfer: Leumi Bank (Israel) 4580 0307 5525 8545 IGOR BERKHIN

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