Combined Show-Cross & Dressage Day ~ Sunday 10 October 2021
Entries close 3 October or when classes are full.
Dressage starts at 8.30am; Show Cross starts 10.30am
Dressage tests free to download

Please complete 1 form per rider/horse combination
Each combination can enter only ONE section, Section 3a is additional for those entered in section 3.
Section 1 - Dressage only
Section 2 - Show-Cross only
Section 3 - Combined dressage and show-cross
Section 3a - Additional dressage and/or show-cross for those entered in Section 3

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Section 1 - Dressage Only (enter this section if you are NOT intending to jump). Entry Fee - 1 test $15, 2 tests $25. If you ride the same test twice only the first ride will count towards the competition result. You can enter two classes.
Section 2 - Show-Cross Only (enter this section if you are NOT intending to ride a dressage test). Entry Fee - 1 jump round $20, 2 rounds $35. If you ride the same height twice only the first ride will count towards the competition result. You can enter 2 classes.
Section 3 - Dressage and Show-Cross (enter this section if you intend to ride a dressage test and jump!). Entry Fee $40 per class. You can enter 2 classes.
Section 3a - Dressage and Show-Cross (enter this section if you are entered in section 3 and want to do an additional dressage test or jump round). The second test / jump round does not count towards the combined result. The entry fee is in addition to the fee in Class 3.
Rider Name *
Horse / Pony Name *
Contact Phone number *
Email address *
General Conditions of Entry (these are also available on the NRC website)
No entries will be accepted on the day and late entries will not be accepted after the close off date. Payment must be made for entry to be valid.
Maximum of 30 combinations to be entered on the day.
No refunds unless the day is cancelled. Vet certificate or Dr certificate may be considered on committee discretion.
Classes will be open to all ages
All fees include Rough Island Ground fee.
Schedules will be emailed out.
All riders entered are required to help or provide a helper.

Back protectors for Cross Country are compulsory and heeled boots and stickered helmets, long sleeved top for all other jumping. Gear check will be random. Boots/ bandages permitted
Show Cross course will be open for walking by 9.30am on the day
Show Cross will begin at 10:30am with Beginner 50cm height, Riders not entering the dressage will be allocated times, running order will be the same as the dressage but in heights class.

Dressage times will be allocated and schedule sent out once entries close.
Elimination from dressage does not mean elimination from jumping portion of the day.
Bit-less is allowed. Heeled boots and tagged helmets compulsory.
Dressage tests can be called.
If you wish to do two tests and two courses that is okay, same height/test is okay, but second of each, in the same height class, will be classed as noncompetitive and not be included in the scoring. If you do two different dressage tests and show cross heights, then they will all be competitive.

If the ground crew assesses your horse to be lame or unfit to compete you will be asked to dismount.
First Aider will be present.
Held wet or fine. Competition maybe postponed / cancelled due to ground conditions.

Will be at the end of the day once everything is packed away.
Prize categories are:
Dressage 1st to 4th Ribbons awarded in each level.
Show-cross 1st to 4th Ribbons awarded in each level.
Dressage and Show cross combined 1st to 4th Ribbons awarded in each level.
NRC Trophies awarded to the Highest placed NRC Member in Show Cross and in Combined Classes in each level.
Entry Disclaimer Form for NRC Club Event (these are also available on the NRC website)
Event: Combined Show Cross Dressage Day Date: 18th September 2021

Location: Rough Island Equestrian Park

Organiser/Health & Safety Official: Emma Neth

First Aiders: Emma Neth, Catherine Harvey

Horse movements, handling and riding activities.
Moving vehicles
Animals (Livestock and domestic) – Loose or contained.
Tracks and roadways including slopes, ditches, waterways, public roads, drains and inclines.
Other persons on site including other contractors, public, landowners.
Climate/environmental conditions

Participants accept and agree to abide by all conditions of entry and understand the risks/hazards as identified above.
Participants are responsible for ensuring any accompanying attendees comply with the NRC H&S Policy and Procedures.
Participants ride at their own risk and are expected to take part within their own and their horses’ limitations.
Nelson Riding Club Inc accepts no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to property or belongings, horse or pony, participant, or spectator.
Approved red stickered undamaged horse riding helmet must be worn, Current back protector compulsory and heeled boots, long sleeved tops are compulsory for jumping.
Event organiser is the Health & Safety Official for this event and they reserve the right at their own discretion to cancel or stop the event, state specific tack requirements for any event in the interest of health and safety and/or restrict or remove any horse or participant the organisers deem unsafe.
I understand that I am riding at my own risk and will not hold Nelson Riding Club Inc. or any of its members or helpers responsible for any accident, loss or damage that may occur to me, any other person, horse or equipment, before, during or after this event. I understand that Nelson Riding Club Inc. accepts no responsibility for registrations lost in the post. I have read and understand all the rules of the competition. I understand that I agree to the H&S Briefing.
I commit to reading and adhering to the H&S requirements, and I will ensure that I will make myself aware of the identified risks for this event.
By ticking the I Agree box I confirm that I understand that I am participating at my own risk and will not hold Nelson Riding Club, the organisers, the members or helpers responsible for any accident, loss or damage that may occur.
Please include name and contact details of parent/guardian if rider is 16 years or under.
I am able to assist with the following *
Payment - Before you click submit please remember to add up your entry fees from your selection above. Please pay by internet banking to Nelson Riding Club 03 0703 0461698 00 with THE RIDERS NAME AND “SHOW X”
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