Application for ASPRS ECPC Officer Positions
* The Early-Career Professionals Council (ECPC) engages and mentors early-career professionals, advocates continuing education, and fosters positive relationships between members transitioning from the member with Student distinction to the member without that distinction. ECPC encourages the dissemination of professional and institutional knowledge and standards through education, mentoring and technical opportunities; and work closely with the Society’s membership staff, Student Advisory Council, and Corporate Members Council to strengthen the Society and its members.

* The Council consists of four ASPRS members, with new officers appointed by the current council members in an application process. The Council consists of four roles: Chair, Vice Chair, Deputy Vice Chair, and Immediate Past Chair; each position is held for a period of one year with the transition during the annual conference. Currently, we only have Vice Chair and Deputy Vice Chair positions open.

* Membership in the Early Career Professionals Council is open to Members of the Society who self-elect as ‘early career’, and are generally within their first 10 years of entering the profession.

* ECPC Responsibilities

● Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors policies and procedures governing the
programs and services to be offered by ECPC to subscribing members and the public.
● Provide policy guidance and consultation for the Executive Director and BOD in setting
priorities for programs and services.
● Promote the ASPRS Certification Program
● Implement a mentoring program for early career professionals, utilizing mentor
volunteers from Corporate Member firms and existing members.
● Serve as an advocate for ASPRS Members entering the workforce, providing a plan that
outlines professional development milestones to strive for in their first few years in the
● Coordinate with the Student Advisory Council and Corporate (Sustaining) Members
Council to foster positive relationships between members transitioning from the student
to professional.

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