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Please list higher education degrees, institutions and relevant coursework... then tell us what you've LEARNED (in and out of formal education) that makes you the right person for this job!
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Please talk about your relevant work experience. Highlight the challenges you've overcome and how these make you the right person to take on the challenges listed in our JD!
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We're really looking for someone who can help us to improve and maintain processes. Not checklists and busy work, but processes that increase efficiency and accountability. So tell us about how you've created or improved a process. What's your approach to developing processes and getting people's buy in to make sure they work? Tell us about your process process!
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Ubongo Kids Sample
This is what we do... now tell us how you can contribute.
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What makes you the right person to implement the processes and systems that will help Ubongo sustainably grow to bring fun learning to students across Africa?
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Show us how you've committed yourself to social impact via your work, volunteering or other community involvement
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Our mission is use edutainment to help kids learn, and leverage their learning to change their lives. We do human centered design, production and broadcast of TV, radio & digital edutainment, educational research/ impact evaluation, and the admin/ finance/ operations to keep that all going. Suggest 2 high level metrics and 2 low level metrics that you think would be critical for our success. Why did you pick those?
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How would you measure and track the metrics you listed above?
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If not already here, are you willing to relocate to Dar es Salaam? *
Self Evaluation
Please rate your experience/skills in the following areas, with 1 being weakest and 5 being strongest. Be honest-- it's not necessary for you to be an expert in everything!
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Process Mastermind
Organizing (yourself and others)
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Anal retentive
Managing Diverse Teams
Management Sensei
Childlike Wonder
Don't care...
I want to know, do, and discover more and more
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