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Thank you for your interest in our ETKO E-Daily Facebook groups. The groups are designed to help parents/carers support their child's sporting journey by providing daily training tips, information, challenges and updates for a monthly charge of £10. Facebook membership is for over 13s, therefore parents/carers should use their own Facebook account to join groups and receive updates. Please note that there may be some repetition of content over time as key teaching points require regular reiteration.
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All ETKO E-Daily participants agree to abide to the group rules, as detailed in each Facebook group under 'Group Rules.' Payment will be taken by monthly direct debit (please complete your details below so that we can contact you to arrange set-up). If you wish to leave the group, please provide a minimum of seven days' notice prior to your payment due date. Please also note that no part-month refunds will be issued.
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