Thank you for registering for an Adult and Family Day Program with the Marine Science Consortium! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 757-824-5636 or email us at Please mail your program payment to The Marine Science Consortium/ Special Programs Coordinator / 34001 Mill Dam Road, Wallops Island, Virginia 23337 or call to make a credit cards payment by phone.



Get ready for an active adventure as you Cycle and Paddle your way across the beautiful landscape of the Eastern Shore!

On our first day get ready to cycle! Our day long bike ride will take us on to the barrier islands of Chincoteague and Assateague. We will learn about the interesting and colorful history of the island of Chincoteague and the excitement of the Wild Ponies. We will also spend time cycling on Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Assateague National Seashore's many well-kept bicycle paths and limited-access roads. Hear about the history of our refuge, our successful population rehabilitation programs, and the famous Wild Ponies of Assateague in a multimedia presentation from a Fish and Wildlife Biologist and Educator! After that, tour the visitor center's excellent exhibits before embarking on an exclusive journey through the wilds of Assateague. Our evening activity will be an interesting lecture from a local historian /storyteller. The local historian will display old photographs of the local area and provide supplemental historical information pertaining to what we have seen on our rides, filling out the rich history of the region.

Spend the second day exploring the magnificent Pocomoke River by kayak! The Pocomoke River is one of the most stunning and wild places to paddle on in the Chesapeake Bay region. This gorgeous river is lined by cypress swamps and water lilies. The narrow, but deep, river meanders from the Northeast corner of Fishing Bay through the fertile heart of the Eastern Shore farms. As we paddle along you’ll get on the spot lessons about the ecology of the river from your kayak guide, a Marine Science Consortium Naturalist. After a day of kayaking get ready for a evening of relaxation. Dinner will be a Seafood Feast at a local restaurant! Our evening activity will be a local musician.

On our last morning we will take a research cruise through one of the most productive ecosystems on earth! We will trawl to sample the myriad organisms found in our estuary. Your naturalist will give you in-depth background on the lifecycle and habits of the marine organisms caught. You’ll also learn about the salt marsh, one of the most productive ecosystems on earth.

Cost: $335 per person (includes instruction, equipment, meals, and lodging)

Commuter Cost: $295 per person (includes instruction, equipment, and meals)

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