Use this form to apply for up to $500 funding from NZPF for skills camps in NZ.

Criteria for funding:
- The skills camp is taking place at a drop zone in NZ.
- NZPF members are welcome to attend.
- You are submitting this application at least 4 weeks before your event.
- You are planning a skills camp and not a boogie (see below)


By skills camp we mean a skydiving/parachuting training event focused on progressing skills. There is proper briefing and preparation for skydives as well as robust debriefs using adequate video footage. A coach is available to skydive/coach participants for the duration of the event and skydivers generally stick to the same discipline for the day/event. 

A boogie is a fun event with lots of different skydiving happening. There is less or no focus on briefing/debriefing skydives and skydivers tend to change around disciplines throughout the day/event and take part in novelty skydives. We accept there can be a skills camp component to some boogies so if you are unsure if you are eligible please make an application giving details about your event and we will get back you.

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Briefly describe the format of your event (i.e. disciplines available, how jumps per day you are planning, availability of coaches to participants.) *
Will there be coaches or load organisers at the event? If so, please provide their details. *
Aim of the event, what are you hoping the participants will gain? *
Is there any social media or online advertising for your event already? If so, please provide web links to the relevant pages. *
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We accept applications for funding up to $500 per skills camp. Please specify the amount of funding you need and what the funding will be used for. The more details provided, the faster your funding can be approved. *
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