2019 Volunteer Registration for STORM Miles of DisComfort
Volunteer Registration Form for Marathon Race - All ranch fees are comped for race volunteers, this includes camping. You must have completed this form before the take down date in order to be on the list provided at the gate for free access to the ranch and camping. Please come prepared for all types of conditions. We will have snacks and sacks lunches as well as provide breakfast and post race food and beverages. Only the volunteer get comped entry and camping. If you are coming accompanied by non-volunteers they will be charged an entry and camping fee.
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2019 Volunteer Registration for STORM Miles of DisComfort
2019 Volunteer Registration for STORM Miles of DisComfort
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Please note that if we have more people request Sweep it will be first come first serve
For Course Marshals (CM), please list your preferred spot. If you don't have a preferred spot, we will hook you up when we do the assignments. Please bring a vehicle with plenty of clearance to get up to some of the CM locations. We can have you shuttled if you do not have a vehicle with plenty of clearance.
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If you will be a runner what times will you be able to help?
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Please provide the names of other volunteers if you are bringing any.
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