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You still have got a chance to secure your top 100 spot before we launch our next big update! Check down below to find our requirements on how to be selected.

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1. Game companies & indies
2. Publishers & investors
3. Game related services
4. Organisations (incubators, conferences, partners & accelerators)

Ready to join? Today we are over 10.000 game companies and counting.
Why are you launching

Today it's difficult for game companies to find talent and collaborate with other game companies. We are here to change that. We are launching to connect the game industry as a whole.

What are my benefits as a company?

1. Chat in real-time & book meetings
2. Get investment opportunities
3. Stay connected at game conferences

Will you have user accounts?

Yes. We are currently developing user accounts. You will soon be able to update your profile information and chat as a company.

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