2020-2021 Scholarship Application

Alpha Gamma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is offering $500-$1000 scholarships to qualifying students who will graduate from high school Spring 2020. Scholarships will be given to (a) incoming college freshmen who meet the eligibility criteria and show evidence of full-time enrollment in a four-year university in Fall 2020 or (b) community college transfer students who meet the eligibility criteria and show evidence of full-time enrollment in a four-year university in Fall 2020. Please note this is a one-time award only. Complete and submit by June 12, 2020.
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Essay Question
Please choose and provide a response to one essay question. Your answer must be double spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font on a separate page, and submitted with your completed application. Include your full name at the top of each page of the essay. Each response must be between 500-1000 words. Please submit essay to applications2020@akaago1927.com.

Consider the phrase, "A dream without planning is nothing but fiction." Where do you see yourself in your future career? Explain the detailed steps that you will take to get there.

With the increase in police violence toward African American youth, discuss factors that contribute to this issue and identify solutions that the community can put in place to affirm that Black lives matter.
Letters of Recommendation
Please submit two letters of recommendation from any of the following: high school teacher and/or administrators, church organizations, or community agencies to applications2020@akaago1927.com
Please submit transcripts to applications2020@akaago1927.com
SAT or ACT Scores
Please submit SAT or ACT Scores to applications2020@akaago1927.com
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