2019 Camporee Registration
There are two registrations required for Camporee

1) Complete this form to register your Pathfinder for the 2019 Camporee.
Albury club cost is $110. $50 Deposit due by end November and $60 balance before Christmas

2) You will also need to register your Pathfinder at the Camporee website.
See cost on Pathfinder Camporee website for your Pathfinder depending on the date you register. Early bird pricing is available.

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Camporee Information
What You Need To Know
## Description ##
AUC Camporee (once over 4 years :-) - Molesworth Victoria

## When ##
Leaving from Albury Church Carpark (805 David Street, Albury)
Tuesday 1st January 2019 9am
Returning to Albury Church Carpark (805 David Street, Albury)
Approximately Sunday 6th November 2019 5pm
Please call/TXT Damian on 0414 548 058 on Sunday if you wish to confirm the estimated time of arrival back to Albury Church Carpark

## Where ##
Staying at AUC Camporee, Molesworth
See here https://pathfinder.org.au/camporee/

## Albury Pathfinder Club Camp Fee ##
$110 per Pathfinder (includes Transport, Equipment Costs and All Meals)

## Closed Camp ##
The AUC Camporee is a closed camp. This means that only registered people are able to attend the camp and participate. NO EXCEPTIONS!

## Facilities ##
There are toilets and showers :-).
Albury Pathfinder Club will be taking our own drinking water supply.

## Food Provided by the club ##
Albury Pathfinder Club will cater for all meals

## What to pack/bring ##
We suggest you use the following items to pack your Pathfinders items
* Plastic Tub
* Bag for clothing/supplies/equipment
Please ensure each item is labelled clearly to be easily identified

Plate, bowl and cutlery


Tents will be provided by the club but your Pathfinder will need to pack/bring:
Sleeping mat or stretcher
Sleeping bag

Full Pathfinder Uniform including Pants, Shirt, Sash, Toggle, Pins, Badges etc..
Enough Underwear for 6 days
Enough Shirts for 6 days
Enough Shorts/Pants for 6 days
Set of Old Clothes for the dirty activities
Old Pair of Shoes for the dirty activities
Footwear both closed (boots) and open (thongs/sandles etc..)
Swimwear (weather dependent)

Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Hair comb or brush

Sun Safety Protection
Hat and Sunscreen

Torch with new batteries (including spare batteries).
Insect repellent
Day pack to take on a walk and water bottle

* If you are uncertain on what to pack/bring then please speak to one of the Pathfinder leaders to assist.

* If you do not have certain items needed for camping eg, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, day pack etc please speak to one of the Pathfinder leaders who may be able to assist.

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