Afterschool Program - Provider Proposal
For details on becoming a "vetted" afterschool program provider with SD43 - Please review the Application Process page first if you have not done so.
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Program age group? *
ie: Grade K-5, Grade 1-5, Grade 6-8, All ages, etc.
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Avg. is 6-8 sessions per program
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ie. $85 for 8 sessions (60 mins)
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What are the equipments?
Can the program run if the school do not have equipments? *
Schools have different policies about others using their equipments.
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Do you have a Criminal Record Check (CRC)? *
Must be recent within 3-years, and required by SD43 school board and school partners.
Do you have Third-Party General Liability Insurance with a Min. of $2 Million Coverage?
Can you add both "School District No. 43" and "Do What U Luv Foundation" listed under your "Additional Insured" List? 
You can add both organizations under your "Additional Insured" list through your insurance broker agent for no additional costs.
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