Maui Watershed Citizen Science Program Application
This is the online application for teachers interested in participating in the 4 Day Workshop in January 2017. Refer to the workshop flyer and for more details. There are no pre-requisites to participate, however the program will give first priority acceptance to 4th Grade and 7th Grade Science teachers from DOE BKM Schools due to specified targets of the NOAA BWET Funding Award supporting this program. Accepted participants will be notified by 12/15/16.
Name of Teacher
School Name
Grade(s) Taught
Subject(s) Taught
Preferred Email (A Gmail is Ideal, but not required)
Phone Number
Alternate Phone Number
Following this workshop, teachers must bring students on at least one Learning Endeavors field trip to engage in citizen science. Please check which field sites you are most interested in bringing students to.
The student field trips can occur from February through April. Dates will be confirmed at the workshop, and Learning Endeavors will lead all coordination with project partners to confirm. Please share some possible time frames, if any, that might work for your school/class.
If accepted, would you be needing a substitute for the two Friday Days of the 4 Day Workshop?
Clear selection
A culminating task for all students is to develop a StoryMap on a subtopic relating to the citizen science they engaged in on Maui Watersheds. Students will need access to computers with Internet for at least three 45 minute periods in order to complete this. Please explain what type of access you have to technology at school to support this. (Computer Lab, Laptop Cart, etc.)
Three of the Four Days of the Workshop are Field-based and Require Hiking in the Elements Outdoors and in handling Elevation Changes. Please describe any physical limitations or disabilities you might have that might prevent your full participation.
Please describe why you believe you are a good candidate to join this program.
Please share any comments or questions.
Mahalo for submitting this application. We will be in touch soon. ~ The Learning Endeavors Team
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