Institute of Historical Research #MyIHR Survey
Founded in 1921, the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) is part of the School of Advanced Study at the University of London. The IHR is dedicated to training the current and the next generation of historians, and to producing and facilitating ambitious, innovative historical research. The Institute helps foster public understanding of history and its social, cultural, and economic importance, advocating for the long-term future of the discipline and supporting its growth and development.

We are devising a new strategy that will reinvigorate the Institute as it approaches its Centenary in 2021, and we want to involve all historians in deciding how the Institute should look in the future. The Institute exists to help all historians develop their research and to support them in their careers. In this sense, it is distinctive – it is not in competition with academic departments or other research units. It is here to help them achieve their goals.

Some initiatives are already underway: we are revamping our website; we are varying the format of some of our events; we are signing partnerships to bring scholars and practitioners together; and we are revitalising our taught postgraduate and training programmes.

We want to know what the profession, broadly defined, needs from the IHR. We are especially keen to hear your ideas for training, networks, events, services or anything else you think we should provide or can facilitate. Your responses will feed into the new strategy and inform the activities we undertake over the next five years.

The IHR belongs to the discipline – and it is critical that we are all involved in shaping its future.

The survey is short (it will take around 10 minutes of your time), and contains open text boxes, so that we may capture your ideas. Please let us know how the Institute can best serve you and the wider profession: where and how we should innovate and change; what you’d like to see more of; and those areas where we could do better.

Thank you for your comments which will help us improve and develop the Institute, for all historians, into the 2020s and beyond.

What do you value most about the IHR?
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How has the IHR supported you in your career?
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How do you feel the IHR could better serve historians of all kinds?
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What do you think the IHR’s contribution to history and the profession should be in the 2020s? (Please provide specific suggestions or examples.)
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Do you have any suggestions about how the IHR could better support historians at a particular career stage, or a specific group of people within the profession? (For example, BAME historians, women in the profession, postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, mid-career academics, etc.)
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Where are you? What region of the UK are you in, or which country?
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