Collection Queries - Summer Research Camp 2018
Use this form to enter LexisNexis query requests.

Each query should be for ONE publication, with ONE keyword or keyword phrase. If you would like to request data from multiple publications, and/or using multiple keywords, please submit a new query for each new publication/keyword. If you would like to request data from ONE publication using ONE keyword phrase but for multiple years, see below.

source_title field
Enter the name of the source you want to collect. Please do not use commas in the title. It doesn't matter if the title you enter matches the "official" title in LexisNexis; we do not search using the title anyway (only the source_id). We collect the source_title so we can know what source each id corresponds to when reading and saving the results.
source_title *
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source_id field
source_id's for your source may be listed in queries_template, tab 3 sheet in the Summer Research Camp 2018 Google drive folder (located here: You can also search for the id in the Collection Queries response spreadsheet, where responses to this form are stored (located here:

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keyword_string field
The following strings define keyword searches in Nexis Uni.

Option 1: a search for "humanities"

Option 2: a search for "humanity"

Option 3: a search for "liberal arts"

Option 4: a search for "the arts"

If you are searching for another word (i.e, not one of the four listed above)
Enter your keyword_string using the "Other" option below. No quotes.

Your keyword_string must follow this format:

If the word you want is plural, like castles or unicorns:
body(plural(YOURKEYWORDHERE)) or hlead(plural(YOURKEYWORDHERE))
body(plural(castles)) or hlead(plural(castles))

If the word you want is singular, like candy or cat:
body(singular(YOURKEYWORDHERE)) or hlead(singular(YOURKEYWORDHERE))
body(singular(candy)) or hlead(singular(candy))

If the word or phrase you want to search for does not fit either of these patterns (i.e., it's a phrase like "arts education" or "liberal arts"), please ask Lindsay or Jeremy about how to format your query.

keyword_string *
result_filter field
Filter result articles by this exact word or phrase. No quotes. This should be the SAME word or phrase you are searching for. You will get two zip folders back, one with exact matches (articles containing the result_filter string) and one with no exact matches (everything else). This is a sanity check for us.

Option 1: A search for humanities

Option 2: A search for humanity

Option 3: A search for liberal arts

Option 4: A search for the arts

* Note: This search will return 2 zip files: the exact match zip file, and the no exact match zip file. The exact match zip file will include articles containing the exact phrase "the arts," and the no exact match zip will include everything else (articles containing the word "arts" without the "the").

If you are searching for another word (i.e, not one of the four listed above)
Enter your word using the "Other" option below. Enter the exact word or phrase you are searching for. No parentheses, no quotes. Just the word or phrase.
result_filter *
If requesting data from the same source for more than one year:
Enter dates ONLY in the begin_date field. Leave the end_date field empty.

Follow this format exactly:


This will return results from 1990-01-01 to 2017-12-31.

If requesting data from one source for only one year (or for specific project date ranges):
Enter dates in BOTH the begin_date AND end_dates fields.

Follow this format exactly:

begin_date: 2017-01-01
end_date: 2017-12-31

Remember that if you use exact begin and end dates, your results will come back to you packaged in ONE zip file (each zip file = one query). This makes it more difficult to combine and recombine data for other modeling projects and to share it with other projects, but this approach might make sense for your specific use case.

begin_date *
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