North Berwick Regatta 2013 Categories

We would like to encourage all clubs to come to North Berwick regatta, if we get enough entries from the newer clubs or clubs who don't have much race experience we plan to split each race category into an "A" race and a "B" race separated by a 5 minute interval. The objective being to provide an opportunity for all clubs to compete against comparable crews.

The course will be the same as previous years, which is a race around the large rock in front of North Berwick (Craigleith). It usually provides a test of the cox's seamanship as well the rowers ability. The race can take anything from 18-25 mins depending on crew and conditions.

Please indicate how many boats you would like to enter for each category, we may not be able to accommodate a second boat in all categories as we are limited in how many boats we can have per race, but we'll manage that once we know the demand for each category.

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    09:30 Mens 40+
    10:15 Ladies 40+
    11:00 Mens 50+
    11:45 Ladies 50+
    13:15 Mixed Open
    14:00 Mixed Novice*
    14:05 Mixed U19*
    14:45 Mixed 60+
    15:30 Mens Open
    16:15 Ladies Open
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    Categories Explanation

    *The Mixed Novice / Mixed U19 event will be two races separated by a 5 minute interval. The expectation is that clubs will either enter the Mixed Novice race, or enter the Mixed U19 race. Of course if a club has two boats, it could enter both. A “Novice” Rower shall be defined as a rower who has never won a rowing race in any competition against rowers from any other club in any competition of any rowing discipline prior to first day of the regatta. Crews racing in “mixed” category events must have at least one male rower in the crew. Not less than half the rowers at any time in the race must be female.