Private Study With Mike Tamburo
Hello! I am happy to start our work together. Please fill out this form, so I will know how to best work together.

Our lessons can include instruction in gong techniques, musical understanding (rhythm, dynamics, tone, volume, etc), practice exercises and drills, philosophy, basic gong physics, composition, improvisation, meditation, creativity, recording and overall artistry. I have a vast amount of experience that I am open to sharing and can cater lessons to your needs.

My lessons are non-dogmatic and my intention is for you to become a flexible gong player and listener. How you use the instrument is up to you.

Lessons build best over time, but I am willing to work with whatever you need.

Lessons are 2 hours for $120 ($60 an hour)
Due to Covid, I am offering sliding scale pricing $60-$120 for 2 hour lessons.
I am willing to work out deals if that does not work for you.

Let me know if there is anyway I can support your learning, growth and evolution.

***** Our lessons will have certain audio requirements so that we can stream over zoom in a way that will sound good. I will help you to the best of my ability to get your audio needs in order (if needed). We will make sure that you sound good on zoom (or any other streaming platform).

Mike Tamburo

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