Australia's Contemporary National Identity: PIP Survey
Hi there, thank you for undertaking the time to complete this survey. My name is Ella Perizzolo and I am a Year 12 student who is undertaking the course Society and Culture. One of the requirements of the course is to conduct a Personal Interest Project in which I will be assessing Australia's National Identity. More specifically how and why being such a diverse and multicultural country shapes the nature of our 'distinct' national identity.

National Identity is the sense of a nation as cohesive whole, with distinctive traditions, culture and language. Though from this, the question I will be asking is whether Australia has a distinct national identity and what this looks like today.

All answers will be completely anonymous and confidential, with only myself and my teacher using these results for the sole purpose of providing evidence for my major work. Your honesty is appreciated to ensure the validity of my results though rest assured you are able to opt out of this questionnaire with no consequences at any point of time.

Thank You,
Ella Perizzolo
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Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin? *
Were you born in Australia? *
Do you believe that Australia has a distinct national identity as represented by distinct traditions, languages and culture? *
Do you believe Australia celebrates its multicultural identity? *
What do you believe Australia does right in terms of supporting multiculturalism? For example immigration laws, culture of a fair go for everyone etc. *
On a scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree, to what extent do you believe Australia's national identity has been affected negatively by immigration? *
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Australia began as a land first inhibited by Indigenous Australians, then was invaded by white settlers. Cruel practices like the 'Stolen Generation' sought to assimilate the Indigenous people into British culture. Do you believe the consequences of these practices have impacted the ability for Australia to act as a cohesive country today? *
Do you believe that you have to be born in Australia to be a true Australian? *
Immigration from the Asian Pacific Region has significantly increased the past two decades, driven by the appeal of tertiary education. Do you believe this hurts Australia's national identity? *
'Australia is a migrant country and there would be no contemporary Australia without mass migration' (Dr Sev Ozdowski, Western Sydney University). Do you agree with this statement? Explain why/why not. *
On the scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree, how much do you agree with this statement: 'Most immigrants these days don't try hard enough to fit into Australian society' *
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