The Literacy Center Attendance Policy
Please read the information below, or ask someone to read it to you.

All attendance policies outlined below also apply to online (Zoom) classes.

• Attendance in class is necessary for your progress and success.
• If you know in advance you will be absent, please tell your teacher or a counselor.
• Please call 508-226-3603 in case of an emergency, absence, or tardiness. Leave a message with your name, class or teacher’s name, and reason for absence.
• Absences will be excused only if the call is received before the start of class, and with a valid reason.
• All students must arrive on time for class and remain until dismissal. To be considered “on time”, you must arrive no more than 5 minutes late.
• Students must spend no longer than 10 minutes on break. Returning late to class from break will count as being tardy.
• When students have 3 unexcused absences, a written warning will be given. If absences continue after two written warnings in one year, the student will be taken off the active student list. No student will be allowed to return to class until they speak with a counselor or the Director.
• Students who are frequently absent (excused or unexcused) will be asked to withdraw until such time when they can attend class regularly.

• Call The Literacy Center at 508-226-3603, ext: 7, or visit our website at, or visit or to see if classes have been cancelled. Storm days will be made up at another time.

• Please notify a counselor or secretary if this information changes.
• If you are planning to move out of the area, please let us know in advance. We will schedule an exit interview and test so you may leave the program in good standing. This will allow us to send you to a new program or take you back if you return to the area. If you do not take the final test you will not be allowed to return to the program at any time.

• Students who do not take a final post-test for the year will not be allowed to return to the program at any time.

• Smoking is allowed outside, in the parking lot or on the side porch only (near the handicapped entrance). Your cooperation in this is important.
• Food is not allowed in the building. Drinks are allowed, so long as empty containers are rinsed and disposed of or recycled properly.
• Cell phone use is not allowed in the building. Please turn all cell phones off or switch them to silent prior to arriving for class. Please give your family the main phone number – 508-226-3603 – in case they need to reach you in an emergency.
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