Spring Campout - NEBC in Milton
We are preparing for our Spring Campout at New England Base Camp in MIlton, MA. We will be arriving on Saturday June 15th and staying for 1 night. Yes this is Father's Day weekend. In order to register this year, we need a bit of information. Please fill out this form by Friday May 10th.

Please note, this is not car camping. You will need to carry your gear up a trail to the site. While it is not a long walk, it is up a short hill. They do have some carts at the camp to help, or consider bringing a wagon.

We will need to know who is participating in the program activities - Archery, BB, Rock Climbing, etc. We need to order wrist bands in advance. Current registered scouts are covered with their adventure card (you do not need to bring anything with you). Any adults or youth, other than scouts, who wish to participate in the program activities must buy a wrist band. Costs are $20 full day (10 am-5pm) or $12 for half day. (1pm-5pm). All money will be due May 10th at the cross over.

We will be trying to secure 1-2 pool time slots. Only those participating in the program will be able to swim. No one under 5 will be able to swim. Everyone must take a short swim test. Due to needing to sign up for pool time, we will only be able to swim during our allotted slot.

The Pack will be providing Hot Dogs for dinner. You do have the option to either bring your own lunch/dinner/breakfast or you could also buy from the Camp (more information below). We need to also put an order in for these meals as well ahead of time. All money will be due May 10th at the crossover.
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Please list all family members attending. For children under 18, please also list their age. *
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Will you be purchasing lunch from the camp? $7 per person Lunch is served from 12-1pm. Lunch consists of: Sandwich individually wrapped – Turkey and Ham with lettuce,Tomato, Cheese; Bag of Chips 1 oz.; Soup du jour. If yes, please indicate how many. *
How many hot dog will your family eat? *
Will you be purchasing dinner from the camp? $8 per person Dinner is served from 5-7pm. Dinner consists of: Ziti and Meatballs, Dinner roll with butter, garden or caesar salad. If yes, please indicate how many. *
Will you be purchasing breakfast from the camp? $6 per person Dinner is served from 7-9am. Breakfast consists of: Hash browns, Pancakes with Syrup, Sausage, Whole Fruit, milk and orange juice. If yes, please indicate how many. *
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