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Our mission is to aid in the prevention of climbing and mountaineering accidents. Accident reports, analysis, and suggestions for future climbers are welcomed. The person filling out this form should be directly familiar with the circumstances of the accident—either the person(s) involved or a rescuer involved in the incident. The persons involved may choose to remain anonymous, but please provide contact information so we can follow up with questions about the incident. At that time we will confirm which names (if any) will be used with the report.

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Do you have photos, graphics, or diagrams that illustrate the setting or contributing factors of an accident? Please send them to us! Help others understand the scene and what happened. Simply email
Compensation and Copyright
Accidents does not pay contributors. We have always depended on the generosity of contributors to create this essential resource for climbers.

The American Alpine Club (AAC) copyrights the entirety of Accidents in North American Mountaineering. However, authors and photographers retain all rights to their individual contributions. Unless specifically requested otherwise, Accidents will assume permission to publish all submitted text, photos, illustrations and other documents at the Accidents website ( or in the annual print edition of Accidents. The American Alpine Club also retains the right to republish your text and photographs in other Accidents-related publications, in print or online, with no compensation. Since authors and photographers retain all rights to their work, you may re-use it without permission from the AAC.

The American Alpine Club is a nonprofit organization that publishes and preserves authoritative climbing information and represents the interests of all climbers.
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