Course evaluation
Carleton College Spring 2018 ECON 111. Instructor: Shane Auerbach

This evaluation form is anonymous (I never ask your name). I do post the results from these on my course website, including all comments, so you can see what others thought about the class (and me) also, if you're curious.
How much out-of-class time did you devote to this course relative to other Carleton courses?
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Among the most
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How difficult was the course relative to other Carleton courses?
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How would you compare me as an instructor to other professors at Carleton?
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Comments/feedback about the course
Your comments/feedback about the course are invaluable to me. What components of the course worked for you? What didn't? How did you find the problem sets? The textbook readings? The exams? The slides? Would you prefer I teach with the blackboard instead of presenting slides? Did we spend too much time on something and you wish we had spent more time on another thing? Too much math? Not enough? I very much appreciate any feedback you might have on the course, positive or negative, as it will help me improve the course in future iterations!
Comments about the instructor
Professors differ greatly from eachother, even within a department. Were there things/practices that I do as an instructor that you found particularly effective? Were there things/practices that you feel I could improve upon? Things that other professors do that you think I should? Do I speak too slowly? Too quickly? Do I repeat important points too much, not enough? Do I rely too much on the slides? Do I tangent too much off of the slides? There may well be some overlap between your answers to this question and the question above, and that's fine.
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