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The College Beit Midrash of Atlanta will be hosted Wednesday and Sunday nights at Kehilat Ohr Torah (formerly Young Israel of Toco Hills).
3928, 2056 Lavista Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329, United States

For help, questions, and comments, please contact Dan Jutan (404-345-3027) or send an email to info@cbmatl.org.

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Wednesday nights, until Chagim, will be 8pm-9:30pm. Rabbi Shlomo Pill will be teaching a text-based shiur on Hilchot Tzedaka.
On Sunday nights, we will have a Tanakh Chaburah/discussion group on Jeremiah with Rabbi Reuven Travis, followed by a Halakha shiur on Kiddushin and family law by Rabbi Michael Broyde.
We are considering two timing options for Sunday nights. Which works best for you? *
We will be reading Jeremiah on our own each week and then discussing it on Sunday nights. Do you have a preferred text of Jeremiah with major commentaries (Mikraot Gedolot) or would you like our sponsor to purchase one for you? We'll be purchasing the Artscroll's Millstein edition of Jeremiah. (https://www.artscroll.com/Products/RNJE.html) *
On Sunday nights, we will also be using Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau's modern commentary on Jeremiah. Do you have a copy already or would you like our sponsor to purchase one for you? *
On Wednesday nights, we will be learning Hilchot Tzedaka with Rabbi Pill. We'll be using printouts from the Tur / Shulchan Aruch. If you'd prefer a hard-copy, you can purchase one here: https://zbermanbooks.com/טור-ושו%22ע-צורת-הדף---יורה-דעה-ה---רג-תג *
Do you need help with transportation? If so, let us know here where you live and which nights you need help with.
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We'd like to have a shabbaton in Toco Hills with hosted hospitality, meals, and shiurim on September 20-21st. Are you in? *
Our first meeting will be 8pm Wednesday night, Sept 4, at YITH.
We'll then be meeting every Wednesday and Sunday night until and including Wednesday, September 25.
We'll then meet Sunday, October 6 and then Wednesday, October 16. Stay tuned for special Sukkot programming!
Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Anything you're particularly excited about or anything you think we left out?
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