Medical Student Outreach
Purpose of this survey: To identify actionable strategies for residency program leaders to adopt and implement with the goal of increasing exposure and ultimately recruitment of informed medical students to interventional radiology.
Does your department website provide information for interested medical students?
Is there a formal mentoring program for medical students, and do faculty serve as mentors?
Is there an opportunity for first or second year medical students to shadow faculty?
How accessible is the faculty to medical students?
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Are there any planned informal opportunities for medical students to meet faculty (get-togethers, parties, etc.)?
Are there any social media outreach initiatives (Facebook, SDN, Twitter, Linkdin, YouTube, and podcast)?
Are you involved with medical student outreach at any national conferences? If so, which conferences?
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What other strategies are used to reach out to medical students?
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What strategy has spurred the most interest in IR among medical students?
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