Winter Plan Survey
The Bates Student wrote this survey to gauge community opinion on Bates' changes to the academic calendar. All answers are anonymous, meaning your email will not be recorded.
What is your relation to the Bates community? *
If you are a current student, do you receive financial aid?
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How satisfied are you with Bates' new Winter semester plan? *
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Overall Plan
Canceling Short Term
On campus for all of Module C
Extending Winter Break
Refund Policy
Policies toward employees
Would you have preferred a remote module C instead of the current plan? *
Would you register for a remote course option for January if one was offered? (i.e. a remote short term, in January) *
What are your comments, questions, or concerns about Bates' new winter plan?
What impact, positive or negative, do you foresee this decision will have on you personally?
Anything else you would like to share?
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