Internship For Public Relations
Stipend: Rs. 1500/month
Duration: 3 months

Job description
This profile gives you creative freedom and a hands on opportunity to manage public relations and build a brand of the corporate wing (Grey Matter) of our firm.

It is a paid internship.

Roles of a Public Relations Intern

1) Creating and curating engaging content on all of Inner Planet's Linkedin Accounts ( 4 in all)

2) Communicating and building relationships with current or prospect clients.

3) Effectively utilize the company’s social media and blogs

4) Assist in administrative duties

5) Build and update Linkedin accounts and client databases

6) Perform research and market analysis activities


1) Strong desire to learn along with professional drive

2) Solid understanding of Linkedin

3) Excellent verbal and written communication skills

4) Passion for the PR industry and its best practices

5) Current enrollment in a related Bachelor's or Masters university/college will be preferred
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