TEAM Volunteer Award Nomination Form 2019

The TEAM VOLUNTEER AWARD is one-time, monetary award of 250 dollars presented in recognition of dedication to volunteering in the field of EAL for adults in Manitoba.
 Commitment of unpaid personal time and energy to assisting EAL learners
 Promotion of EAL learner success in the classroom and/or in the larger surrounding community
 Flexibility in assisting with a variety of activities that benefit EAL learners
 Sensitivity to cultural differences and variety of learning styles among EAL learners

Nominations are due by April 30th. Winners and nominators will be notified via email, by May 15th. Winners should be prepared to write a brief statement accepting the award. This statement will be included in the TEAM newsletter and may be included in other communication with the TEAM membership. Volunteers must have been active in their roles any time between September 2018-August 2019 to qualify for nomination. Nominees for the volunteer award do not need to be TEAM members, but the service provider nominator or supporter must be a TEAM member in good standing.

A nomination may be made in two ways:

1. A nominee may be nominated by a Manitoba EAL service provider. In this case, the nominator must be a TEAM member-in-good-standing. Nominators cannot be immediate family members of their nominees (e.g., sibling, child, grandchild, spouse, or parent). Nominators must fill out one form per nominee. Evidence of TEAM membership must be emailed directly to the TEAM awards chair at before the award deadline . In this case, the nominee is not required to be a TEAM member.

2. Nominees can nominate themselves. In this case, the nominees must provide one letter of intent demonstrating their eligibility for the award, and a letter of support from a Manitoba EAL service provider. The letter of support must demonstrate how the nominee is eligible for the award. Nominees need not be TEAM members, but the provider of the letter of support must be a TEAM member. The letter of support and evidence of TEAM membership must be emailed directly to the TEAM awards chair at before the award deadline.
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