Bag of Joy Donation Form「福載來」捐贈頁
Thank you for expressing your interest in the Bag of Joy INITIATIVE! In this 2-page form, we will guide you through selecting your donation option and dropoff method。
感謝您對‘’福載來’ 表示興趣。在這個兩頁的表格,您能選擇你的捐贈項目以及如何交給我們
Email address *
Full name 全名 *
Phone number 電話號碼 *
We will notify you through Whatsapp and email. 我們會通過WhatsApp和電郵與您聯絡。
Number of Bags of Joy - for underprivileged children 捐贈給小孩的福袋數量 *
Number of Bags of Joy - for the elderlies 捐贈給長者的福袋數量 *
Drop off date and time 捐贈日期與時間
9am - 12pm
2pm - 4pm
Saturday, 16 May
Sunday, 17 May
Saturday, 23 May
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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