Sign up sheet for volunteers at Studentfestivalen i Oslo 2019
We want a lot of volunteers who can help us make this years Studentfestivalen i Oslo (the Student festival in Oslo), 12th to 17th of August, the best one yet! We need help with a lot of different things, and everyone who can help is very welcome, if just for one day or several days. Do you have any questions about volunteering at the festival, feel free to contact our volunteer manager at :-)
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Phone number *
If you do not have a norwegian phone number, please include the land code (ex. +47)
What would you like to do during the festival? *
If you want to you may check off several boxes :-)
Which days are you available to help? *
We need volunteers every day during the festival and volunteers for rigging before and after. Please mark all the days you are able to help. If you are only available part of a day you can still check the box.
Are you an active member of one of the student organizations at The Norwegian Student Society? *
If "yes", which one?
Have you attended the SALUTT course arranged by the City of Oslo? *
Because of rules from the government concerning barmanaging after 1 AM, we need to know how many of our volunteers that have attended this course. This is not mandatory at all, neither for volunteers in the bars or others during the festvial, so there is no wrong answer here! If you plan to attend the course before August 2019, please check yes!
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