Radical Engineers - Call for Projects
The Radical Engineers serve to connect radical projects with engineers who wish to work on such endeavors.

If capitalism might be defined as the private ownership over the means of production, the Radical Engineers are looking to facilitate projects and tools that directly work to solve this issue.

[[ Means of Production: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er5yshuxfF8 ]]


:: Our shared values ::

- Mutually assured autonomy & empowerment culture -
For ourselves, unless someone explicitly wants to be managed, we aim to find ways to maximise the unique sets of skills that each of us has without dominating over each other. Outwardly, data & technology should enhance our ability to make informed and un-coerced decisions, on both an individual and organisational level.

- Experimentation / Rejection of precedent -
We value trying and iterating with new things, and processes, without those experiment becoming a thing that we always do. Precedent is in tension with experimentation.

- Diversity & Inclusion -
The radical engineers are not a homogenous group, but are a diverse set of people with a range of skills and approaches. What unifies us is our goal for the world: that is, to move and build beyond a society rooted in systems of oppression, whereby individuals are socialized to certain forms of hierarchy, to commodify their fellow humans and to relate through violence and coercion. In practice this means we are aiming for a post gender, post racial, post capitalist world, where equity and a respect fo the commons is held as a core value. We only succeed when the systems and tools we create are inclusive to anyone, regardless of time, physical fitness, wealth or digital literacy.

- Effective Radicalism -
We’ve reached a point where the social and biological fabric that supports our communities and all of humanity are under acute stress or in outright crisis. If Effective Altruism asks how we solve the world’s problems & pairs this with a theory of change: start by doing the most effective good that you can. Effective Radicalism suggests that the best we can do, might be to consider changing systemic conditions.

- Collaboration & Participation -
Our problems are too great and our systems to complex to go at it alone. The Radical Engineers believe that lasting change happens when humans set their egos aside and collaborate.

- Don't disrupt, transition -
Too often disruption takes the form of vulnerable people having their lives uprooted. Instead we value strategies that help us transition to new economic systems.

- Net Positive -
The Radical Engineers aim to contribute to society and the planet, to put in more than we take out.

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