Prerequisite Information for PTZ Camera Live Streaming
For us to get this right the first time, we need the following information about your network. This will allow us to program all the equipment in our shop so that it will be “plug and play” for you.

When you have selected which system is right for you, we will tell you the number of devices that will be installed. Your network administrator can either give us a range of addresses that we can use, or give us specific addresses to use, and we will tell you prior to shipping a list of the addresses for each component we are shipping.

We understand that filling out this form does not commit you to any purchase. We just want to make sure we have your information to better serve you. If no one at your location knows how to fill out this form, please call (916) 298-4820 and we'll figure out how to find out that information. Our goal is to make this easy for you.

Note: do you want to do a test run of this form?? Not a problem. Simply type "TEST RUN" under your name and your response won't be taken into account.
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