Barn Rules
These rules are put in place to ensure a safe, fun, friendly, and supportive environment for all of our riders and visitors. If any questions or concerns arise, please talk to Andrea or an employee of Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center LLC. Please check each response

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General Rules
Barn hours are 8am-9pm, unless previously arranged. Summer hours are 7am-10pm. Driveway gate must be shut and padlocked/latched by the last person to leave. In winter, the garage door going into the arena from the barn must also be pulled down all the way. *
All children, especially visiting siblings and friends, must be supervised at all times. *
If you open a door, close it. If you close a door, open it. All doors are kept shut in the winter to keep in the heat. This excludes the lesson tack room to allow the cats to come and go from the main barn. *
Cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are strictly prohibited anywhere on property. *
No alcohol or drug use will be allowed on the property. If you are found to be intoxicated, you will be removed. *
No bicycle riding, skateboarding, or rollerblading on the premises. *
Do not adjust heat in barn, tack room or arena. The arena heaters must only be set between 40 and 42 degrees. Thermostats must always be locked at the end of the night. *
Please remember to turn off lights in areas (such as tack room, barn area) when not in use. Also, please turn on arena lights right before riding and off right after riding if no one else is in the arena. *
No pets are allowed on the property unless otherwise permitted by Andrea Keacher. *
Please double check that you are not locking any cats in the hay room, tack room or entry way. *
Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center LLC, its owner and employees are not responsible for any loss of equipment or personal belongings. If you are found stealing or using another person’s equipment without permission you (and your horse) will be asked to leave. *
Any damage to trailers, cars or other motor vehicles that are parked at Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center LLC are not the responsibility of Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center LLC. *
Drive slowly, there is a posted speed limit of 5mph down the driveway and in the parking lot. Please be respectful of the neighborhood; watch for pets and children while driving down 189th and 190th. *
Please be respectful of the house on the property; do not “visit” Andrea or family at the house unless previously arranged. Always contact Andrea via phone, text or e-mail. *
If you break something or notice something is broken, please tell Andrea or an employee immediately. If you can fix it yourself please do, then notify Andrea or an employee if necessary. Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center LLC reserves the right to charge you for any damages you or your horse might cause. Normal wear and tear is acceptable. (For example if your horse breaks a cross tie, please replace it.) *
Food and beverages may be kept in the lounge refrigerator. Please clean up after yourself and throw away any food that is old or no longer wanted. We try to clean the fridge every week and will toss anything that is moldy. Everything must be labeled with a name and date. *
Main Barn Rules
No large rubbermaids or tote bins allowed in the cross tie area. Please use smaller tack boxes and bags to avoid clutter. Make sure all your tack, grooming supplies and other accessories are in the cross ties before you bring your horse inside. *
No horse should ever be left unattended. If you need to step away from your horse, please ask another rider to keep an eye on them. *
You are responsible to clean up after your horse, before and after your ride. This includes manure, urine, hair, dirt, and uneaten hay and/or grain. (If your horse acts like they are going to urinate please try to move them to a stall for easy clean up. If your horse urinates on the concrete please soak up with shavings, sweep up, and spray spot with vinegar.) *
When tacking up please use grooming stalls first, then the wash stall and cross-tie located by the big garage door. Only use the remaining two cross-tie areas when necessary and all other spots are full. This will help keep the aisle clear from the front door to the arena door. Grooming stalls are to be cleaned up just as a cross tie area would be. *
If you need to put your horse in a stall to cool down or feed, please use the arena stalls. *
The wash stall is an extension of the cross ties and should be treated as such. Do not leave urine sitting on the concrete. Please clean up manure and spray urine down the drain. Then use the vinegar spray bottle to spray where the urine was. If you use the hose, please put it back neatly and turn off the main water on the wall. *
If you leave your horse in a stall for any reason, for any amount of time, you are responsible for cleaning up after them. *
No tying horses by reins, or clipping cross ties to bit. Do not leave any bridled horse in cross ties. *
Please be sure all your tack and grooming supplies are put away. Boulder Pointe is not responsible for any lost or damaged tack. *
No blankets or fly sheets are to be left in the barn while riding. Please put your blankets in your locker or hang them on the designated racks. *
Riding, feeding, handling, or administering medication to any horse without permission is strictly prohibited. *
No bathing of horses is allowed during the winter, unless approved by Andrea Keacher. *
No horses are to be walked by through cross ties. If another horse must come through and all grooming stalls and both designated cross tie areas are full you must move your horse out into the arena to let the other horse pass through. *
Pasture Rules
Unless otherwise arranged, all halters are to be taken off when horses are turned back out in their pasture. All pasture changes are to be done by barn staff only. *
Close the gate behind you before fully releasing your horse into the pasture. *
Double check all gates are shut and locked. *
No children under the age of 16 are allowed in pastures alone. Always use the buddy system. *
Any child under the age of 16 must wear a helmet when entering a pasture. *
Absolutely no riding in paddocks or pastures, unless arranged by your instructor. *
Arena Rules
All riders are required to have a current liability form signed. *
Any rider under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult. Just because an instructor is present does not mean they are responsible to watch minors, unless previously arranged. *
Clean up any manure left in arena by your horse. *
All horses must be warmed up and cooled down properly. We will remind you, especially if the health of your horse is at risk. *
Always say “door” and wait for a response when entering the arena to avoid spooking the horses. *
Use proper riding etiquette while sharing the arena. Pass left shoulder to left shoulder. Call out where you are going (circle, quarter line, center line, rail, jump, etc). Lesson students have the right away in the arena, please be respectful. *
If you need to lunge your horse during lessons or while others are riding, please ask permission first. *
If your horse kicks, please tie a red ribbon in their tail to warn other riders not to get too close if at schooling or recognized shows. Please also remind anyone in the barn or arena if you have a horse that has kicked/can kick so everyone is aware. Please do not assume that everyone knows which horses can/have kicked. *
If you are riding during another student’s lesson, there is no jumping allowed, unless there has been approval by current instructor. *
ASTM/SEI certified approved helmets must be worn at all times while riding. All students under 18 MUST have an ASTM approved safety vest that is worn at all times when riding. *
When riding on trails and roads, please be respectful of neighbors. Always tell someone else you will be going off property, preferably management or an employee, and bring your cell phone in case of emergency. You must clean up manure left on roads, driveway and grass. *
Do not turn your horse loose in the arena unless otherwise permitted. Controlled free lunging is allowed if there are no other riders in the arena. If it is not controlled, you will be asked to stop and you will lose these privileges. If you put anyone else (animals included) at risk, you will lose these privileges. *
Tack Room and Equipment
All boarders will be assigned a tack locker. Leasers (or students who are renting) will share a tack locker. *
All of your tack, equipment and supplies must fit in your tack locker. Nothing can be left on the floor or stored on top. *
Please label your equipment and grooming supplies. *
All lesson supplies, tack and other equipment must be put away properly, and in its assigned place. Please clean bits with water and a clean cloth. *
Any items left out, that are not labeled, will be placed in the lost and found. The lost and found will be located in a tote in the lounge area. Failure to retrieve your items after two weeks will become property of Boulder Pointe and will be used, discarded or donated as deemed necessary. *
Do not use any equipment that is not yours unless otherwise permitted. Always verify with the owner. If you borrowed something once, that does mean you can use it again. This applies to non-horse related items as well. *
The instructors’ tack and equipment are not for the use of students or boarders. *
Management has installed outdoor and indoor video security cameras. These are property of Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center, LLC and may not be tampered with.  You must be aware that you will be filmed at any time. The filming is a security and safety feature. All filming is property of Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center, LLC. Please electronically sign your name (or parent/guardian for minors) below stating you give approval for you/your horse to be filmed at all times.I give approval for Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center, LLC to have indoor and out security cameras on, including but not limited to,the property, barn, arenas, pastures, paddocks, tack rooms. I understand that some of them might not be visible. I understand that this a security feature and only approved management in writing will be allowed to view cameras/taping. I am also giving approval and acknowledge any friends, family, etc brought on property may be taped. *
Please sign/date if you give approval for you, your child(ren), your horse, family, or friends to be featured in Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center, LLC website, facebook, email, flyers, or any sort of advertising. *
I have read and completely understand the rules and regulations that Boulder Pointe Equestrian and Event Center, LLC has given me. I will follow them and make sure that any of my guests, friends, family, or invitees follow them as well. I will be responsible for my guests, friends, family, or invitees at all times, and will be responsible if they do not obey the rules. The signatures obtained throughout this document and also the Release and Liability are for an infinite amount of time. *
Please electronically sign your name below. Parents of minors, please type your child(ren)'s name in addition to your own. *
Date signed: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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