Fairy (Tiny) House Sign-Up
Individuals, artists, non-artists, kids, adults, groups, organizations, and anyone in-between is welcome to create a Fairy House!

Tiny House structures must be installed in the “Fairy Promenade” area downtown Lowell between 9 am and noon on the day of the "A Midsummer Dream" event, Saturday, June 22. Available sites will be marked with small markers. When you arrive with your exhibit, you are required to find an open site along the promenade. If you can’t come during the set-up time, contact info@diylowell.org to make alternate arrangements.

You can pick up the Fairy Houses any time after 8:30 pm on Saturday, June 22. If you can't pick your house up at that time, we'll pick it up and store it for you for one week. Contact info@diylowell.org if you won't be able to pick your house up after the event.

See midsummerlowell.com or email us with any questions!
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