Ride-matching industry survey
Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans)
The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) may implement software and/or services for online ride-matching in the State of Vermont. To prepare for a potential procurement, we are requesting information from potential vendors and other industry partners.

The core function of the ride-matching system that VTrans envisions will:
1. allow travelers to find available commute carpools or one-time rideshare trips, according to origin, destination, travel time windows, and other parameters.

Other functions we are considering:
2. Variety of user interfaces, including mobile
3. Administrative functions to monitor transportation demand management (TDM) programs
4. Commute and travel logging functions for end-users
5. Ability to show other travel mode options, either through an integrated product, or other trip planner, including: vanpools, fixed-route public transportation, demand-responsive transportation (DRT), biking and walking

Even if your firm or organization does not provide a ride-matching system, we invite survey responses from organizations that provide or are involved in related transportation software and services. VTrans seeks to develop and support a system of interoperable software and data.

The anticipated RFP release date is in early August 2016. We are conducting this survey of software vendors and consultants in order to develop a feasible scope of work. If you intend to respond to this survey, we need to receive responses by Tuesday, July 19.

We believe this process will enable us to develop an RFP that takes into account current state of practice and innovation trends in ride-matching and trip planner technology. Please feel free to go beyond these questions, or contest their assumptions. All questions are optional, and responses of any length will be accepted.
Important notes
A response to this survey is not necessary to be eligible to respond to any RFP that VTrans may release. Responses to this survey will not factor into any later proposal scoring process. No statements made by VTrans during this survey process shall constitute a later commitment for this project or any procurement process.
Thank you!
…for providing information that will help VTrans to develop a more thoughtful and feasible scope of work for our statewide ride-matching project.
Who is completing this survey?
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Industry survey
What features do you advise are most important in ride-matching software, in what order, and why?
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What related technologies and functions do you advise VTrans should consider while developing a scope of work for a ride-matching system?
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Specific technologies
What (specific) ride-matching software do you offer, recommend, or advise we consider in our industry survey?
Please provide the name of the software, vendor (if applicable), brief description and/or link to further information.
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What delivery or license models are this technology offered under?
i.e. software-as-a-service (SaaS), open-source license, closed-source, and/or commercially licensed?
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Is this technology currently available or in active development?
If it is not currently available, on what date is it expected to become available?
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Data formats
What data interchange formats are necessary, recommended, or supported for this software? What formats of data does the software produce?
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Further comments
Open-ended comments
Do you have any particular suggestions for developing a feasible scope of work that will result in a useful ride-matching system and robust traveler information system for VTrans?
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