Teacher-Educator Feedback Form (DAVCEW)
Your feedback is helpful to make improvements in our institution. Kindly give your valuable feedback and opinions to us.
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1. How do you rate the infrastructure of the college? *
2. Are the classrooms in your college well maintained? *
3. Is the laboratory equipment adequate enough? *
4. ICT facilities in the college are adequate and satisfactory?               *
5. How do you grade the collection of books in the college library and user friendliness of the library management? *
6. Does the college provide adequate opportunities and support to faculty members for upgrading their skills and qualifications? *
7. Is the environment of the college favorable for teaching and research?                     *
8. Is the environment in the college conducive for adopting new methods/strategies of teaching? *
9. How accessible and supportive is the administrative staff? *
10. The salary disbursal in the college is on time.             *
11. The medical facilities in your college fulfill your primary health care needs. *
12.  Your request for medical/maternity leave/any kind of leave is processed without delay.   *
13. The principal is supportive and accessible to all the staff and the students. .            
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14. How would you grade the maintenance and cleanliness of the college premises?
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15. How do you grade the canteen facilities?
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