Student Travel Permission Form
Faculty Responsible: Mr. Nick Little
Destination: All Band Activities
Mode of Transportation: School Buses and Charter Buses
Period of Time: July 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018

The Director, staff and assigned chaperones are to be in complete charge during Band Camp, the Band Season
Trips and Band related activities. Strict adherence to their counsel and advice is an absolute must. Students
will be subject to school rules at all times and are under the supervision of the Director, staff, and assigned
chaperones. The undersigned understands that any violation of the rules makes them subject to discipline
procedures as determined by their student discipline code, the Principal and the Director.

I hereby give my permission for my child to travel with the CCHS Band during Band Camp, Band Season Trips
and Band related activities throughout the school year. I hereby give my permission for my student to be under
the direction and supervision of Mr. Nick Little, his staff, and assigned chaperones. I will not hold Campbell
County High School/Middle School or any persons connected with the Band responsible. I understand that my
child must travel with the Band to their destinations and remain with the Band at these destinations.
I understand that, solely at the discretion of their Director, Mr. Nick Little, chaperones may have permission to
transport my student home from a site other than Campbell County High School. I understand that for the
safety of my student in accordance with School Policy, only a parent/guardian may transport a student home
from a site other than Campbell County High School and this is only after my student has been released by Mr.
Nick Little after the Band activity. I understand that to do this, a parent/guardian signature is required on a
Band Form held by the assigned chaperone on my student’s assigned bus. Upon arrival to Campbell County
High School, I am responsible for my student’s transportation home or for arranging for my student’s transportation home within twenty minutes of arrival or conclusion of event/rehearsal.

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