John Adams and Thomas Jefferson As President Quiz
Directions: Answer the questions below to show how much you learned about the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.
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1. Which of the following men below was elected the second President of the United States in 1796? *
2. As President, John Adams was able to keep us from going to war with which of the nations below following the XYZ affair? *
3. Many people disapproved of the Alien and Sedition Acts because? *
4. As president John Adams built up which of the following in order to protect the young nation? *
5. The Election of 1800 was unusual because of which of the following? *
6. Which of the following famous Americans below was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr? *
7. Which of the following describes how Jefferson's presidential style differed from Washington and Adams? *
8. How did Thomas Jefferson add territory to the United States? *
9. From what country did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana Purchase? *
10. Which of the following famous Americans below led The Corps of Discovery to explore the Louisiana Purchase? *
11. What is the furthest point west reached by the Corps of Discovery? *
12. Which famous Native American assisted the Corps of Discovery? *
13. Which of the following below was Jefferson's policy to deal with the interference of American trade by England and France? *
14. Which of the following would best describe the effects the Embargo of 1807? *
15. How much money did the Louisiana Purchase cost? *
16. Which of the important cities would you find at the mouth of the Mississippi River? *
17. Which of the following states was part of the Louisiana Purchase? *
18. Examine the political cartoon above. What is the political cartoon trying to say about the Embargo of 1807? *
19. Look at the image above. Why were Lewis and Clarks journals important?
20. Write a PARAGRAPH answering the following question: *
What letter grade would you assign Thomas Jefferson his presidency? In other words, do you think he was a good president or a bad president? Explain you answer using details and facts from his presidency that you learned in this section.
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