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Hi Shawols~! We're in the process of creating an UNOFFICIAL USA SHINee World fan group~! ^^ When you sign up through this form, you will get our monthly Newsletter with access to info on Shawol Meetups and future SHINee USA Projects (like our banners, member donation perks, etc.). In addition to this, you will be approved when you request to our **NEW PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP**~!! On our private group, you can chat with local Shawols in your area!

This monthly/bi-monthly Newsletter will include important information about upcoming albums, concerts/festivals, purchase guides, big group orders, projects, special member perks, our meet up calendar, important SHINee news, and other exclusive content from SHINee USA! ^^ This newsletter will be perfect for US Shawols who don't like to obsessively be on social media, but want to know when a new album is coming out. It will also be perfect for Shawols who want to know right away when we begin new projects and how to support them~! ^^
After you Sign Up for our membership, please click the link above and request to join us on Facebook at our new Private group~! This group will allow you to chat directly with Shawols that live in your SAME STATE and REGION~! ^^ You can arrange local meetups here, meet new friends, and chat privately with one another! We would love to hold regional screenings of the SHINee World Concert DVDs and hold photocard trading meetups etc. if the interest is there~! To arrange something like this in your area, you will need to discuss details in a private place like this group. ^^ Only members (Shawols who sign up with this form) will have access to this private group!
Everyone who signs up and donates $10 to SHINee USA or our projects will be eligible for our "SHINee USA Patron Card"~! Full details will be posted under the Members Only, Membership section on our Blog~! ^^
When you sign up, you will also receive the password for our private blog posts *in the newsletter*~! The content of these posts will range from Members Only perks to Meetup Schedules & more~! ^^ http://www.shineeusa.net
✦ To apply, just fill out this form and you will be added to our Membership Roster and receive our newsletters by email! The first newsletter - to be mailed April 24th, 2017 - will include card details & the **password to the Private Blog posts**~! ^^ All future newsletters will include this same password unless otherwise noted! The Newsletter release schedule will be once a month OR when major releases/announcements occur - new singles/albums, beginning of a new drama, a new SHINee USA project etc.

After you Sign Up for our Membership, please click the link above and request to join us on Facebook at our new Private group~! We cannot add you unless you *request* to join since we're only adding members who sign up with this form~! ^^

NOTE: All information provided will remain private and only be seen by admins (2 people). None of the information submitted will be released! ^^ We are sorting this data by state and city in order to send you more personalized emails about meetups near you and to put your name on our "Membership Roster"~! If you move, please let us know ^^

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Thank you for your support~! We can't wait to meet you all! ^^ See you on Facebook!
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