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1. Throughout the legislative session (through the end of May, 2021) we will send you a weekly (or less, depending on what is going on) action to take to build a relationship with your legislators around our core issues this session:

*** Giving judges discretion when they apply gun enhancements - this legislation would ease what has been a major driver of extreme sentencing and over-incarceration in Illinois

*** Updating Illinois's legal theory of accountability to give judges the option to give shorter sentences to individuals who have less culpability in a crime

*** Giving all Illinois youth the opportunity to be considered for early release when serving adult life or de facto life sentences

*** Making a previous law to give judges more flexibility when sentencing youth in adult court retroactive

*** Creating a point of contact for families and loved ones within the Illinois Department of Corrections

2. Optional weekly Zoom "check-ins" with RJ staff members on Fridays at 10:30am to receive details on the action of the week and/or to share progress, stories, challenges, and ideas.

3. That team feeling! Occasional swag and recognition! Knowing you are part of the effort to make Illinois a safer and more just state!
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