Application for a permission for non-Thai Nationals to enter Thailand (COE)
特別入国許可申請登録システム *ビザまたは再入国許可を持っていない方は申請を受け付けません。

*Please make a registration by each person separately
Name of Applicant in English (First - Middle - LAST NAME) *
申請者(入国希望者)の氏名(例:Taro TANAKA *パスポート通りにご記入ください。名前は最初の一文字を大文字で記入し、名字は全て大文字で記入ください)
Nationality *
国籍 (例:Japanese)
Applicant passport number *
Reserved Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ/ SQ) *
Type of permission to enter Thailand *
渡航目的 (only the applicant who has a valid re-entry permit or a valid VISA)
Where do you would like to apply for COE and Visa *
Please choose the Travel date *
Email address *
Telephone number *
 申請者(入国希望者)もしくは、連絡の取れる電話番号 (eg. +81-xxxxx-xxxxx, +66-x-xxx-xxx)
Reason of this emergency travel *
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