Cinema Days BEFORE
1. I am a *
2. My Country is: *
3. Do you like watching movies? *
4.How often do you go to the cinema? *
5.What kind of film do you prefer? *
6. Why are you going to the cinema? *
7. How many movie reviews last year? *
8. What do you value the cinema? *
9. Do you know the cinema of your country? *
10. Does production matter when choosing a movie? *
11. Who or what influences the choice of films you watch? *
12. Why watch movies? *
13. Can the fate of the characters presented in the film affect the change in audience behavior? *
14. Have you ever identified yourself with the hero of the movie you are watching? *
15. Did the movie give you a solution to a life problem? *
16. Should the film be used in therapy, especially for children and adolescents with educational problems? *
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