Cinema Days BEFORE
1. I am a
2. My Country is:
3. Do you like watching movies?
4.How often do you go to the cinema?
5.What kind of film do you prefer?
6. Why are you going to the cinema?
7. How many movie reviews last year?
8. What do you value the cinema?
9. Do you know the cinema of your country?
10. Does production matter when choosing a movie?
11. Who or what influences the choice of films you watch?
12. Why watch movies?
13. Can the fate of the characters presented in the film affect the change in audience behavior?
14. Have you ever identified yourself with the hero of the movie you are watching?
15. Did the movie give you a solution to a life problem?
16. Should the film be used in therapy, especially for children and adolescents with educational problems?
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