Camera Branch Rates Survey
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The Camera Branch Rate Cards are based on real-world data provided by the members. We rely on this information to ensure that the cards represent the most accurate & up-to-date picture of what people are actually being paid in our industry. Responses are also welcome from those who aren't BECTU members - it's helpful to have as much information as possible.

The multiple choice options reflect the categories used on the rate cards which makes it easier for us to analyse the information. If you feel your situation doesn't fit, please select 'Other' & put the details in the 'Any Other Details' box (or feel free to email directly).

Responses are treated in strict confidence and all data is anonymised before being used. Names & email addresses are only required to ensure that responses are genuine & can be validated if necessary.

Please fill in this form once for each job, but feel free to do it again every time you work on a new production.

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If you worked a Continuous Day, did you get 20 minutes to eat?
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Any other details - overtime, hours, breaks etc
PREP & WRAP (NB this applies to productions under the Pact/BECTU TV Drama & Major Motion Picture agreements ONLY): We're in the process of establishing customary prep and wrap times for the various grades to avoid productions attempting to increase this by the back door. Remember the P&W time should never be used for shooting and to adjust your rate to include this extra working time. Ignoring any setup that requires a pre-call, on a typical day, how much time does it take to prepare for shooting?
(Again, for productions under the Pact/BECTU TV Drama & Major Motion Picture agreements ONLY:) how long does it typically take you to wrap after shooting?
Lastly, are you a BECTU member?
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