2019 Chapter Events Information
Please fill in this form ONCE PER EVENT your chapter plans to have in 2019. Include online solicitations or online fundraising drives as well since this ties into the budget estimations too. Please include all Team Asha, concerts, shows, quizzes or any other events that your chapter will have in 2019.

NOTE: Only the events submitted here will be covered by Asha's liability insurance policy. Informing the central team about the event and covering it under the liability insurance is MANDATORY. If you decide to hold an event later, please fill this form at least 2 weeks before the event to let us know and add it to our coverage. We may not be able to add your event to our insurance policy if a two week notice period is not provided.

To view past year events information that were covered by our insurance policy, please see here (look at the tab corresponding to the relevant year): https://goo.gl/5fZmiE

Please contact coordinator@ashanet.org if you have any questions. Thank you!

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Is there a participant waiver that participants sign for this event? *
If not, and if the participants have any kind of physical activity, please contact coordinator@ashanet.org to obtain a liability waiver.
Does your chapter purchase liability insurance for this event? *
The liability insurance we have might cover your needs - or we can add it to our coverage to do so at a small additional cost. Ask us before you purchase a separate insurance.
Does any external vendor purchase liability insurance for this event? If so, is Asha for Education named as an 'Additional insured'? *
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Approximate gross revenue from the event from ticket sales, donations, sale of other merchandise etc.
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