BIONICLE 20th Anniversary Founders Panel
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Panel members:
• Bob Thompson, Head of BIONICLE (2001-2005), one of the creators of BIONICLE
• Christian Faber, Art Director for ADVANCE (1986-2014), one of the creators of BIONICLE
• Alastair Swinnerton, freelance writer, one of the creators of BIONICLE
• Greg Farshtey, G1 BIONICLE Books, Comics, and Graphic Novels Author (2001-2010)
• Martin Riber Andersen, Design Manager (2000-2002), one of the creators of BIONICLE
• Carlos D'Anda, freelance artist, worked for DC Comics on BIONICLE (2001-2002)

You may ask up to two questions for any members, just follow the section titles. Not every section needs to be filled out. Note: These questions will be vetted ahead of recording, and not all of them may be answered by the panel.
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