K-6 Science Works Field Trip
ScienceWorks offers a field trip for school groups like no other in Southern Oregon. The Field Trip Program is designed to spark student interest in science, support instruction of content and process standards, and provide a fun, multi-sensory environment that encourages discussion and collaborative learning.

Field trips enrich students’ learning experiences. They help students learn about local businesses and organizations in their community, offer a “how things work” experience, and teach about history, the arts, science, culture and more. Field trips are also a great way to get acquainted with other Logos families.

If you sign up for this field trip, and do not attend without notifying Emily Spires previous to the event, it could affect your ability to attend future field trips. If you are signed up, we count on you being there and could accrue payment for a no-show student.

Field trips are organized for our Logos students only. Generally, parents drive students to and from the field trip site and remain with them for the duration of the trip. This is determined on an individual basis as is appropriate for the student’s age and activity .

Some field trips will be limited in size and be age / grade specific, as dictated by the company or organization we are visiting. At some locations, it may be necessary for parents to remain in a lobby area or their vehicles, due to space limitations. Please respect these guidelines. You may contact Emily Spires // espires@logoscharter.com with any questions.

Please fill out one page per student.

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