Cameron Heights HOA General Survey
The Cameron Heights neighbourhood is a diverse community housing a combination of families with children, couples, single people, and seniors. As an association, CHHOA wants to engage all members of our community to ensure we provide the amenities identified by the membership as being their top priorities. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard, and your responses will provide guidance to the Board moving forward.

The main objective of the HOA is to enhance our community through the funds received from home owners, in order to increase property value or assure community appearance is kept to a high standard. CHHOA has a robust capital expenditures account of over $150,000 which can be used towards projects to enhance and beautify our community. We are looking for input from our Home Owners to indicate where they would like to see this money being used.

The park area in Cameron Heights has been designed to provide a focal point for the community. The Cameron Heights Community League (CHCL) has initiated several large projects; including building the playground (completed Summer 2016), the spray park (planned for summer 2020), and the construction of a permanent hockey rink (phase 1) and community building (phase 2). These projects are commonly spearheaded by a community league as they are able to apply for various municipal, provincial, and federal matching grants. It is also common practice for an HOA to provide financial resources to the community league to support these projects and provide the matching funds to apply for these grants.

Overall, the HOA is looking for input on where our Home Owners would like to see our money being used.
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2. Please look through the following list of features/amenities. Choose your top 4 priorities and rank them from 1-4 in order of importance to you. (1 being most important; you may choose less than 4 if you wish)
Enhanced landscaping - front bed flowers, regular grass cutting
Enhancing the community garden
Additional benches
Permanent skating rink/muti-purpose courts in summer
Community Hall (indoor space for year round programming)
Installation of doggie-doo bag dispensers around the community
Outdoor fitness equipment/circuit
3. The Community League is currently working on building facilities in the park area. This includes a spray park (fundraising complete - awaiting decision on $250k CFEP grant), a rink/multi-court surface (fundraising needed = $260k), and a community hall (paperwork process started for future). If the HOA was to provide funds to some of the League projects in our community, what level of funding do you agree with? (choose only 1) *
4. An idea has come forward for the installation of benches overlooking the ravine to provide a relaxing space to enjoy the view. In order to facilitate the installation, the City would need to "vista prune" several trees in the ravine. This would cost the HOA approximately $5,000. Prior to the commencement of any work being done, the CHHOA must obtain members' input. Please check one of the following: *
5. Do you have any other suggestions for the use of HOA funds?
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6. The HOA will be providing ongoing updates via e-mail. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, fill in below. (optional)
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