Empowering Futures Application Form
We are thrilled that you are applying to be part of the Empowering Futures programme. Our summer programme connects start-ups with driven university students to collaborate on specific marketing projects.


A) We pre-select talented university students looking for marketing work experience
B) Our students get pre-project training on digital skills delivered by our partner Accenture
C) Your start-up gets support on a marketing project for 12 weeks for up to 14 hours per week (two days a week).
D) Empowering Futures monitors the progress of the project.
E) Your start-up can take part in our successful Collaboration Lab, you'll learn how to on-board new members to your team.
F) We host monthly clinics to support the skills development of students and help start-ups to be excellent at empowering new members of their teams.
G) Make Empowering Futures part of your CSR activities and help us empower young talent from minority backgrounds.

Please fill out the form below, the information provided will help us find the ideal student for your organisation!

The programme starts 2nd July 2018

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Please share with us your social media accounts? We'll follow! Our account is @UKFutures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
The information provided will be treated as private and confidential, we won't share any personal details with third parties and we would only hold the information for two years from the date of submission.
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