Fantastic Fall (List Building) Giveaway 9/4 -10/6
Cost: $25 (Wait for invoice!) plus TWO copies of the book you sign up

Dates: 9/4-10/6

Purpose: Grow your list!

Theme: Fantastic Fall--pick a book with a fall setting or a sizzling hot romance (both is even better!)

Life is complicated. So are list building giveaways.

Yeah...once upon a time, we could use the whole one list sign up. The giveaway set up was super simple. The readers loved it. The authors loved it. The email servers hated it. *cough jerks cough*

Now, we'll have one list sign up...and bonus entries. Here's how it works:

1. You sign up and provide a link to your list and the ASIN to the book you want promoted.

2. We build the giveaway and share all the books in the promotion. Signing up for all lists is the entry. Signing up to your direct link is a bonus.

3. We all work together and share like crazy for one week.

4. One winner will receive a Kindle with ALL the books from the giveaway. One winner will receive all the books. You will receive TWO email addresses. Gift through Amazon, please.

5. Once you provide proof in the form of a simple screen shot, we send you the complete list.

You'll receive a list at the end. If your server lets you upload, you're golden. If not, you'll still have the sign ups you received directly to your newsletter during the promotion. Ideally, you'll have your list set up so that it's a single opt-in. (Meaning the reader doesn't have to reply to an email to join your list. This is a deterrent, but can't be helped with many mail servers.)

To participate, you must agree to share everywhere for the one week.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Nicole:

Fantastic Fall (list building) Giveaway
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